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The instruction we find in books is like fire. We fetch it from our neighbors, kindle it at home, communicate it to others, and it becomes the property of all.


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What is Bookshift?

Bookshift is our description of the ever increasing movement of traditional books to digital form. While some are born digital, many conventional books are now being converted through various scanning technologies. And why? One of the key driving factors stimulating the shift to digitization of books is the influence of the worldwide web. The ease of access of digital content through the World Wide Web is increasing the need to have credible and validated content. Books are a key source of validated content. Improvements in storage technology are allowing us to keep and move ever more massive amounts of information.

booksThere is no one reason why books are being digitized, there are many! Libraries are faced with collections of books that are starting to crumble, perhaps to be lost forever. Some are faced with the ever-increasing costs of shelf space, especially in urban areas. Government records often sit in boxes in basements, at risk of deteriorating or being damaged. Publishers are realizing back listed titles can be stored more cost-effectively by storing them digitally and printing them as needed. Corporations may have valuable patent or design information tied up in aging books when they would much prefer to have that information accessible for search.

Bookshift Consulting was formed to provide a service where information about the various technologies, products, providers, and best practices of book digitization could be disseminated to those seeking solutions. There are many tiers of solutions and practices that have application at different times and in different circumstances.

Additionally, there is a convergence of technologies between print and libraries unlike those of the past. Newer print-on-demand technologies are changing the way books are published and distributed.

As the need for digitization becomes clear, the need for information about how to tackle the problems arises. Your questions might include:

  • What is our digitization strategy? Where do we start?
  • Do we have the resources to do this project ourselves?
  • Can we staff this project? What qualifications do we need?
  • How do we implement a project?
  • What are others like us doing?
  • Once it is digital, then what do we do with it?

Bookshift can help guide you through these decisions and offer clear, independent thinking on how to best approach your project. And we look forward to helping. How we all manage digital information will have an enormous impact on the future. The care we take at this critical juncture will ensure the proper transition of our collected knowledge into the digital realm.


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